Judging by a recent increase in the purchase of diamonds, they’re not just a girl’s best friend, says Seamus Fahy, founder of Voltaire Diamonds, who has offices in Dublin and London.

“Without a doubt, we have seen an increase in sales this year, a sign that the economy is picking up.” He says spend is up by 15 per cent in some cases. “Most of our market comprises of people buying engagement rings. The average spend is anything between €1000 and €4500, with most people going for engagement rings within the €2,500 to €3,500 mark.”

Fahy set up the company in 2006 in order to sell diamonds at competitive prices. “I thought that people would be able to get cheaper deals if we cut out the middle man- in this case, the store. It means the overheads are lower so customers get more diamond for their money. I did a lot of research before I opened a business and studied gemology at the Gemological Institute of America,” he says.

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